• Phil and Kate Groh

    Phil and Kate are local business owners that care about the community. They have been in the Salem area for many years and care about the growth and protection of their county. Both Phil and Kate have been a part of educating staff for business and are a trusted resource.

  • Service

    The best thing to mix with alcohol is education. 

    Personal Attention

    Online courses are available, however, they can get tricky. Your computer can time out and lose the info or you can get stuck an not have anyone to ask for help. Many people pay for the class online and realize that they needed the in person class, resulting in paying twice for the training.

    Kate Groh provides classes in person to give you the support you need to get it done right the first time.

    1107B Edgewater St NW

    Salem, OR 97304.

    Old School

    Here's something you don't experience very often anymore, a person that answers the phone. If you have a question, we will help. Kate or Phil Groh will answer or return your cal in 24 hours.

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  • Goals for the course

    Class Schedule:

    Mondays 5pm-8pm

    Wednesdays 9am-12pm

    Fridays 12pm-3pm

    No preregistration needed.  $23 application fee. $58 class fee. 

    To promote responsible alcohol consumption through responsible alcohol service.

    To give you the knowledge and skills to prevent alcohol sales to minors and visible intoxicated persons and avoid third party lawsuits. 

    To help you realize that your actions can reduce the number of intoxicated drivers, deaths, injuries and other costs resulting from alcohol abuse. 

    To give you practice in checking ID and stopping service to visibly intoxicated persons. 

  • What to do

    To get service permit

    Complete an application before your first day of mixing, selling or serving alcohol. Have an authorized person, usually your employer, verify your age and identity and sign the application. Mail the application immediately to the OLCC with the $23 fee.

    Must Do

    Take a server education class within 45 days of your first day of mixing, selling or serving alcohol.

    The class is a separate fee of $58.

    Pass the exam with a minimum of 70% and you should receive your permit with 14 days.

  • Forms You need

    Download Here

  • To take the next Class sign up here or call 503.269.3130